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Spray on Paving complements any surface or design and is applied to any concrete surface new or old to create a hard decorative finish giving that extra touch of elegance and style to the concrete surfaces.

Spray on Paving Port Lincoln usually uses a process involving a Polymer cement coating that can be applied to any concrete surface. They bond rigidly to existing concrete surfaces and they have a wide applications like driveways, home yards, carparks, sidewalks.

There is a wide range of patterns, stencilled, custom designs and a variety of exposed finishes to add that unique and elegant style to your property.The spray on paving Port Lincoln have a very high compressive strength adhering well to the existing concrete surface and offers very good slip resistance.

Spray on paving is designed for concrete resurfacing and the design can be customized to suit your tastes. The pattern and the colour can be chosen to reflect your unique style and approach.The concrete should be dry before spraying. There should be no vehicular traffic for atleast 3 or days and the spray is usually on raw concrete so most of the times old coatings are removed to ensure better adhesion.

Spray paving requires highly skilled and professionally trained personnel.The cleaning and sealing process before the spray is applied is important so that the paved material sticks onto the concrete. Spray paving on port-lincoln offers a wide range of colors and designs to suit all needs.

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Scotts Decorative Concrete Resurfacing uses the best products available to ensure a professional finish Spray on Paving is cement based decorative coating that has been specifically designed and formulated for the resurfacing of existing concrete.


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