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clean and reseal services port lincoln clean and reseal concrete port lincoln

Cleaning and resealing concrete surfaces if done by a professional concrete resurfacing company can take only a few hours of your time and at the same time does a thorough job and increase the durability of the concrete.Clean and reseal services Port Lincoln does a thoroughly professional job and should be a part of your maintenance program.

A power washer is used to clean and then the concrete is prepared by applying any cleaning solution formulated for concrete and persistent stains such as oil are removed.Scrubbing the concrete is recommended for better adhesion.Then the concrete is rinsed to get rid off the cleaning agents and remove any excess stains.

After the concrete is dried thoroughly the concrete seal is poured and the roller is applied. Sometimes it may take more than 2 to 3 coats of sealant with the right amount of thickness as a professional can only judge. If it is too thick bubbles might form and also lowers the efficiency of the sealant.So take the help of a professional clean and reseal service company.

After the concrete is dry there should be no vehicular or walking upon the concrete for 24 to 72 hours. Cleaning and reseal service is a highly skilled job and requires a professional company to execute the job.

To avoid peeling after a few months the concrete surface before sealing should be thoroughly cleaned either by power jet wash or concrete grinder so that the concrete surface is better prepared to receive the sealing. After all cleaning your concrete periodically and keeping it sealed will make your concrete surface last much longer in the long run.

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